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Thai Association for International Understanding(TAFIU)

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Thai Association for International Understanding (hereinafter referred to as exchange association) was founded in May 1997, by Thailand's groups, political parties and celebrities from all walks of life, social activists and scholars initiated, with all countries in the world to enhance the people's mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between the people, safeguard world peace and promote common development for the purpose, in line with the "let the world know Thailand and Thailand to understand the world", the purpose of the foreign positive and widely developing non-governmental exchanges and dialogue. It is a mass organization and an important part of civilian diplomacy.

Since its establishment, the association has established contacts with various groups, political parties, research institutions and international organizations in dozens of countries to carry out different forms of exchanges and cooperation. The forms of exchange of the association are flexible and diverse, mainly including: mutual visits and study visits, exchanges in political, economic and cultural fields, hosting or participating in unofficial bilateral and multilateral international activities; To co-organize symposiums and reports with foreign social organizations and organizations on areas of common interest and related issues; To assist foreign non-governmental organizations in providing development assistance and poverty alleviation projects to China.

The association has maintained contact with relevant departments, institutions, organizations and enterprises of the central and local governments of Thailand, and is willing to provide a bridge for friendly foreign organizations to develop various forms of economic exchanges and cooperation with China and promote the development of poverty-stricken areas.

The highest authority of the Thai association for international exchange is the council.

Council members are from the democratic parties of Thailand, academia, economic circles, business circles, religious circles, literary and art circles, media, diplomatic circles, education circles and other aspects of personages, experts and scholars.

The first President of Thai Association for International Understanding is Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse , MD., former minister of foreign affairs, former minister of education, former minister of the interior, adviser to the prime minister, renowned social activist, diplomat, doctor of medicine and educator.

The secretariat is responsible for the daily work of the Thai association for international exchange.

The association publishes international communication, a quarterly journal in English.